Being 30-Something and Finding a New Purpose by Joy Ezeka


theDesignBender-Passion-Blog-4.jpgSometimes I think of how I wish I can go back in time and give my 20-something-year-old-self a knock on the head with some insightful advice on how to live life, that would have made my ‘now’ so much better; saved money when it was coming in like there was no tomorrow, control impulsive spending like it was going out of fashion, never buy ANYTHING on loan, take relationships more seriously and avoid the ones that really put me in big mess, invest in some stock that would have yielded great results now or pursued my passion despite the challenges I faced; I would have been rich and famous by now! But you know what? I can’t turn the hands of time, I can’t go back into the past, I just have ‘here’, ‘now’ and the ‘future’. Continue reading “Being 30-Something and Finding a New Purpose by Joy Ezeka”