My Portfolio Life- It ain’t so crazy after all!

I read a post from Jeff Goins blogPortfolio Life and the lines started falling in pleasant places! The confusion I’ve been feeling for a while now started melting away. As I read the first sentence in that post- “You are not just what you do. You were made for more than just one thing. Your life is a portfolio of activities, all of which make you who you are”– I started getting clarity! I froze! I’m not crazy after all!awesome

He further defined the Portfolio Life, as not just about what I do but it’s about who I am!

Ok! let me explain why those words are having such a crazy-good crazy, effect on me. You see, for the most part of my life, I’ve been involved in quite a number of things, but nothing fitted into one trade or profession and this was so confusing that I thought I was one seriously unfocused human being! But all that is changing now!

After reading the post and listening to the podcast, I now can fully embrace who I am and all the amazing confused things that make me who I am!

So! I define my portfolio life as an entrepreneur, sculptor, interior designer, wanna-be-blogger, social media and content management consultant, a motivator, a researcher, a mother who works hard to provide the best life for her amazing son, an awesome sister to 5 other sisters who tell me most of the things that make up my portfolio life- good organising skills, good analytical mind, good problem solving skills, good communication skills and strategist! See, all these things and more make up who I am, and guess what I don’t even know half of it but as I go on in life I’ll discover more and more and even acquire some along the way!

Whew! I ain’t so weird after all! I am just living my Portfolio Life- Like a Boss!

 credits: gif~giphy, Jeff Goins

10 thoughts on “My Portfolio Life- It ain’t so crazy after all!

  1. I like it. This puts into words why my blog was already titled Portfolio working 😉 I’ve always felt labels don’t work for all. If you are a person who is completely one track focused in a profession (eg a doctor) you can say that is what you are, but mostly people have many strands and getting stuck with one label or trying to find the right one, is not helpful.


    1. I agree with you. Trying to fit yourself to a label inhibits a person and you might never know what other skills you are capable of. Sometimes I still feel guilty not fitting under a label. Imagine going to a function and someone asks, “what do you do”? Do I list everything I am or just mention one? I dislike boxes and labels!


      1. I’ve never been able to answer the what do you do question. When ever I’m asked that question, I usually ask for clarification of ‘do you mean how do I earn money or how do I spend my time?’ Or if I’m not in the mood I say I can’t tell you or I’d have to shoot you and reflect the question back. All answers get raised eyebrows.

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    1. you know what Charlene, I’ve come to a conclusion that I was born to motivate people who have failed and don’t know how to get up, who don’t know which way to go or what next step to take. That’s why I love the idea of The Portfolio Life- Everything that makes me, the different careers I find myself in-makes me who I am- my challenges, my failures and my success- that’s the story I will share to inspire. I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out that one thing I was born to do and it was getting depressing. I think some people have it figured out to just one thing, but I haven’t. That’s why I came to that conclusion and embrace my Portfolio life!
      Sorry long reply! But I hope I kinda answered it properly!


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