The Challenges of an Entrepreneur: Learning to Love the Process

Doing What I Love and Loving What I Do- 7 Amazing Lessons I Learned from Garrett Moon

My mantra is “Dream it, Believe it, Make it Happen”. In other words it means, “Don’t wait for something to happen, make it happen”. But recently, I’ve been feeling burnt out and wondering when I’ll get to that break-even point in my career and it’s been weighing me down. Then I came across this blog post today by Garrett Moon on No, Doing What You Love Doesn’t Make You A Narcissist.

Talk about something coming “just in the nick of time”! Let me dive right in. I’m so excited! This is my booster pill!

1. Working at a job you hate, you will come to realise years later it was a useful experience.

2. You have to go out and find that thing you love to do and sometimes, you have to make it for yourself.

Steve Jobs-Love What you do

3. “Job security isn’t the company that you work for. It’s the skills and abilities that you put to work for them. You are your own job security.” Garrett Moon

4. Rather than waiting for that “Do What You Love” job to come to you, start going towards it by building your skills and abilities.

Before going to bed, I spend almost 3 hours reading and soaking up information on what I love doing right now- Blogging, Social Media and Content Strategy. In the beginning it was confusing and I was all over the net, so I decided to find myself some reliable teachers- Amy Porterfield on Facebook Marketing; Goins Writer on Becoming a better writer; Michael Hyatt on Leadership and building a better platform; Social Media Today on Social Media and Content Management; and CoSchedule Blog on Perfecting my blogging skills. To make these sites easily accessible, I have created links on my blogroll and on my bookmark tab. There are other blogs I read, but for now, these ones are my main teachers for my MBA!  

5. “For me, DWYL is about a personal decision, a decision to not settle for doing less than “what I was made to do.” Seth Godin calls it giving ourselves permission. Permission to pursue what we love, and permission to fail while doing so. In essence, the journey itself becomes the reward”. Garrett Moon

6. Doing what you love doesn’t mean you’ll love everything.

I have fallen in love with putting words together. I enjoy coming up with content. I enjoy designing the graphics that go with it. I love seeing patterns and putting the pieces together. But when it comes to SEO, statistics and following it up, I really don’t like enjoy all that but, it comes with the job and its beginning to grow on me even though I wish I can just create and post content just because.

7. “Doing what you love doesn’t necessarily require payment. The ultimate goal for a DWYL’er is to get paid to do something that they love, but that doesn’t have to be the only goal. I began doing what I loved on nights and weekends, and for quite a while it was enough for me. Later, it became the catalyst for payment, but it wasn’t something that happened right away”. Garrett Moon

This last bit was my biggest encouragement. Yes, I really love what I do but today, just today, I was asking myself if all this was worth it? The late nights? The endless reading? The research? Painfully building my platform? Counting pennies?

But, like Garrett wrote, it’s not going to happen right away. I’ve noticed that for every time I write, I get better at it but I want to be more than better. So I’ll keep writing, reading and learning from thought leaders to build my skills and abilities. This is the road I have chosen and soon, very soon, I know that I will break-even but in the mean time, I will enjoy the whole journey, good or bad, and not just the destination. I won’t give up because I know I have a better chance of winning if I stay in the game. Because, this whole experience, makes up the success story that I will share someday to encourage someone who will be in this same dilemma that I’m in right now.

Steve Jobs-Love What you do2

credits~ Quotes from Garrett Moon blog post, Doing What You Love Post, Picture Quotes, Steve Jobs

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