Review: How to Build Your Platform by Michael Hyatt

I’ve been following Michael Hyatt for maybe 3 years now and I have been constantly inspired and pushed to take bold steps in putting my life back together. It has been a slow process but each day, one step at a time!

In this video, these words have pushed me to take bold steps today!

Start Now!
Build your own platform!
Build a personal brand!
Establish your audience!
Connect with your audience in a powerful way!

I just had to share because I am bursting with excitement and can’t wait to watch the second videos. Get inspired and motivated to- START NOW! Read Michael Hyatt’s- “Which of These 5 Platform-Building Stages Are You In Now?” and get the other 2 videos on steps to help you start building your platform.

Also check out “Creating Your Personal Life Plan”. This is his first eBook I read! I actually printed it because I wanted to underline words and bookmark with paper bookmark tags! I am old fashioned like that! But over the years especially at the end of the year, I have had to go back to the book and re-evaluate my plans and see what I am missing out and how I can make it better. And when I am guiding my sisters on writing their life plans, the book is my go-to-text book and lesson notes. And, the eBook is free too!

I would love to hear from you!

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