“He said he loved me”; Tania said with tears in her eyes
But all he wanted was to eat the forbidden fruit…I knew it was forbidden cos’ Mama said never to touch it until harvest time.

I loved the way he looked into my eyes , he called me by a name my parents didn’t think of giving me- that name suited me just right. Yes I was beautiful. His beautiful…

We were just two of us in a world of our own…he was holding my hand and I was holding his…I knew I was safe…I was always safe.

But not today…he wasn’t holding my hand; he was sending his fingers on evil errands. I said stop! He mumbled something like “…no beautiful…I can’t”.

His strength was overpowering… I said; “please, let’s do this right, let’s do this at the right time”…now I was screaming…what had come over him?! He was all over me. “you love me don’t you”? “please let’s wait till harvest time…” I was begging now with tears pouring out of my heart. I knew it wasn’t harvest time… Mama said harvest time was also a time to rejoice…

Something came over this man…I didn’t recognize him anymore as he
forced himself on me… I was no longer safe.

All the while I kept hearing Mama’s strong voice…suddenly that strength filled my heart and I overpowered the beast…I ran into the clouds…I needed safety…

My name is Tania, I’m safe in the truth…I’ll trust again!

Written by my lil’ Sis,

Pauline Ezeka



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