when there’s nothing left to love…

I just watched a movie:”Dreams worthwhile- A raisin in the sun” and my spirit did a holy dance! and my heart just started singing a beautiful melody and i just knew that there is nothing in this life that i can’t achieve, there’s no goal i set my heart and mind on that i can’t accomplish! who says i can’t???? who that fool??? when fear creeps into my heart telling me that its just not possible, i will feed on that fear and get strength from it and move 2 steps ahead, the fear comes again…i’ll just move 5 more steps! Life is so beautiful but unless i make it so, it’s in my hands, i create it! life is just but a blank canvas for me to create a beautiful masterpiece! it’s all up to me and so help me God!

and what i learnt about real love is that when it seems that there’s nothing left to love especially when the people you care about hurts you the most, there’s only one thing you can do…i love them even more!

So today, i salute the women who are in this journey of life…
strong women who have stood beside their men through thick and thin for years…
beautiful women who are just starting…
precious women who are about to start the journey…
to all of God’s leading ladies…
you are the door of life!
you are a vehicle, an expression of blessing
you are born like a blank sheet of paper waiting to be written on
you are the canvas on which time will create a collage of experience and faith
you are a melody waiting to be sung
you are prose whose lines are being formed and whose thoughts are yet gathered
you are strong and creative, endowed and enabled
when God thought of you, He had a fantastic idea!
God has more for you!
there’s so much more ahead of you!
remember: you are not in this race of life to show that a woman can do it, NO!
you are in it to WIN, and win you will!
may the passion to be all that God wants you to be sweep across your soul like a gentle breeze.

This is a powerful dialogue from the classic and award-winning film based on the play,
A Raisin in the Sun, written by Lorraine Hansberry- ENJOY!

when there’s nothing to love…

there’s always something to love…
cry for him, for what he’s been through
for what it’s done to him.
when do you think is the time to love somebody the most?
when he’s done good and made everything easy for everybody?
Oh no! no!
that ain’t the time at all.
the time to love him most is when he’s at his lowest and he can’t believe in himself cause the world done whipped him so.
When you start measuring somebody,
measure him right, measure him right.
You make sure you’ve taken into account the hills and the valleys he’s come through
to get to wherever he is.


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