To my beautiful sisters…beloved…that’s what you are

I ask,”Do you hate yourself so much to be with these men?”…

Maybe it was the need to be loved, to be wanted, to be needed, to look into their eyes and see that I mattered.

I looked into their eyes and of course… I knew I didn’t matter.

I know why they be with me! You’d know!…

How did he touch your hand? Or did he even?

Did he look you in the eyes…? Does he often touch you… slightly, gently… on the cheek just for no reason…just to be sure you are real?

Do you catch him often starring at you? I don’t mean the sexual kind but the kind with “Wonder”, “Amazement”…! Like he can’t believe how lucky he is to have you in his life…?

When he sees you, does he just want to hold your hands… sit down…take a walk…put his arms around you…talk about nothing…everything or does his hands go to your lap, your breasts…?

when you in the car, does he often take his eyes off the road and steal a glance at you…

or does he take your hand and put on his crotch or his hands go under your skirt?

do you wake up and find him starring at you and he still wants to give you a kiss first thing in the morning with all the horrible morning breath or is he touching your breast for a morning quickie?

when shit happens does he try to avoid responsibility and say shit like,”baby you know am thinking of you and your goals and your dreams that’s why i don’t think we can handle this shit”…?…

but… why didn’t he say before shit happens-“Baby you know i love you and i want the best for for you and to avoid shit i don’t mind waiting till the time is right…?”…

Girl, you’ll know if he’s not in to you, you’ll know trust me! you’ll see it, you’ll feel it and even when he puts his pride into your ego, his body don’t speak to yours!

He only says nice things to you during then but when he comes back to his senses try asking him about the stuff he said and you’d see the utter amazement on his face like-“Did i say all that?!!!” or he”ll cunningly avoid answering you!

Girl, you know he don’t love you! No way! You see it in his eyes, you not there!!! you don’t matter!

You there for now for what he can get, be it material or physical…

Girl, maybe its the need to be needed…to be wanted that makes you ignore the signs. Don’t take shit from any **** with a p****! He ain’t worth it!




You were crafted and formed with special care and tenderness!

You are a virtuous woman with a beautiful soul!

God looked at you and called you BELOVED!!

No man who treats you like a piece of trash…without respect…is worth it! no way! Cos you are a princess! Yes, that’s what you are- So- you are going to step out into the world and you would walk like royalty with your head high!! Its the dawn of a new day! A new beginning! Yes! You are a PHENOMENAL WOMAN!!!

Princess, when he comes you’ll know- cos you’d look into his eyes and you’ll see that -YOU MATTER!

matter [ˈmætə]

vb (intr)

1. to be of consequence or importance

One thought on “To my beautiful sisters…beloved…that’s what you are

  1. So many women need this message right now. They often are settling for anything and everything (bad) just to keep from being alone. But once they really understand how important they are to God, they hold themselves at a much higher value. And the value they put on themselves will eventually affect the value men attribute to them. Keep telling the message.


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